Introducing Our First Product

At Freelance Pro, we know that building a successful freelance business and career takes hard work over time. Our aim is to create tools and share the knowledge needed to help make you more productive - and to reach your freelance goals faster.

Changing the Game for Freelancers

Many freelancers around the world begin working on online freelance marketplaces like Upwork, or Fiverr, which attract a lot of clients looking for skilled people to work on their projects. While these platforms can be fruitful places to find clients and work, they also involve a significant time investment to discover the right jobs for you.

Whether you're a designer, copywriter or software developer, it can hard to find the exact type of work you're looking for, with the right client and a price you want,  - regardless of whether you're a newcomer or a seasoned pro. With these challenges in mind, we are currently building our first product - now in beta, the Freelance Pro Chrome Extension.

Meet the Freelance Pro Chrome Extension

Online freelance marketplaces cater to a global audience, often either setting prices in a currency of the company’s choosing (Upwork and US Dollars) or allowing the client to set the price in their local currency (like It can be tricky for freelancers browsing jobs to work out exactly how much they will be paid in their local currency while scrolling and comparing multiple jobs at once. That's why we've created a handy Chrome extension to seamlessly calculate the job price in your local currency, using up-to-date exchange rates - and then display it directly to you on the Upwork site.

The Freelance Pro Chrome extension on the Upwork site giving you prices in your local currency
The Upwork site viewed in Chrome with the Freelancer Pro Extension installed - notice the blue button that now appears on the page showing the job price in Euros instead of US Dollars.

Estimate How  Much You'll Earn in Total (After Fees)

An unfortunate part of working online is paying the fees that platforms charge. For example, Upwork has a tiered fee structure (20% for under $500, 10% for $500-$10,000 and 5% for >$10,000) which is a little tricky to calculate on the fly. Our extension will work out the fees for you when viewing a job and also convert this to your local currency - so you’ll have a much better idea of how much you’ll actually be paid for a job in total, after Upwork have deducted their fees.

Discover Real-Time Hourly Rates

It’s easy to see how much you’ll be paid for a fixed rate job - we want to make it easy to see how much hourly jobs might be worth too. So, we’ve added a feature which uses the client’s description of a job (estimated weekly work hours and estimated job length) to calculate a range of how much the job is worth to you in your local currency based on certain assumptions.

Using the total amount you might be paid over the job’s duration, we can calculate what your hourly rate will be after fees and what percentage that will be. For example, in the image below if you average 30 hours a week over the next 6 months you’ll pay 6.5% in fees but if you work 45 hours a week your percentage will reduce to 5.6%.

A screenshot showing the how the Freelance Pro extension displays hourly jobs and the assumptions used
The Extension popup showing calculations created from hourly job information and how much the job could be worth to you.

Supporting 150+ Currencies Worldwide

The largest online freelance marketplaces cater to clients and freelancers from all over the world - so of course we wanted our tool to reflect this. The Freelance Pro Chrome extension supports over 150 currencies out of the box, all with exchange rate data updated twice daily.

A screenshot showing the Freelance Pro currency selection
Choose from any of the 150+ available currencies, and the price on the Upwork site will be converted

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