The Freelance Pro browser extension is now live

Our new extension for Upwork freelancers, Freelance Pro, is now publicly available. This tool calculates precisely how much you could earn from a freelance job in your local currency without leaving the Upwork site. Download it today or read on to find out more.

Upwork, one of the largest freelance marketplaces, is utilized by millions worldwide. However, it only supports billing and pricing in US Dollars. For numerous freelancers living in different countries, calculating earnings in local currency can be challenging. But not anymore.

Seamlessly Convert Upwork Pricing to 150+ Local Currencies

Once you install the Freelance Pro Browser Extension in Chrome (or another Chromium-based browser),  a currency conversion will display on the Upwork job page. This feature shows you the hourly rate or fixed job amount in your local currency. We support nearly every currency in the world!

A picture of the Upwork job page showing it's conversion of US Dollar pricing to your local currency
The blue button is added by the Freelance Pro Extension and converts the job value into your local currency

See How Much You'll Pay in Fees

Upwork have recently simplified their fee structure, but we make it easy to see exactly what will be deducted from your earnings in your local currency. This way, you'll have an easy estimate of what you'll take home!

A screenshot of the Upwork site and the Freelance Pro extension showing a popup with a detailed breakdown of job value and the amount Upwork will take in fees
Clicking on the extension shows a breakdown of the job and how much you'll take home after Upwork have taken their cut in USD and your local currency

Use the the Calculator to Estimate Your Earnings for Hourly Jobs

When considering an hourly job, estimating potential earnings over the project's duration can be helpful. We offer a calculator on our site and within the Freelance Pro browser extension to do just that. Simply input your hourly rate, expected working hours per week and the project's anticipated duration. If you've been using spreadsheets for this task, our tool will change your workflow for the better!

A screenshot of the Upwork site showing the Freelance Pro browser extension and it calculating the total value of an hourly job
The handy calculator allows you to enter your hourly rate, weekly working hours and the job length resulting in an estimated value for the whole job

See What Your Hourly Rate Will Be After Fees

Easily see what you'll earn per hour in your local currency, after Upwork fees. This way, you'll always know what your net hourly rate will be.

A screenshot of the Freelance Pro browser extension showing the amount you'll earn in hourly fees from a job after Upwork have taken their fees
At the bottom you'll see we calculate how much you'll really be earning in your local currency after Upwork have taken their fees

This is just the first step in our mission to make online freelancing more rewarding. Why not start using our browser extension, available in the Chrome Store today?